Come take a look at the book sale & print swap during the festival

© Jonathan Jasberg, 2023 BSPF Series Finalist

Come take a look at the book sale & print swap during the festival

"A photograph doesn’t exist, until it is printed" - Magnum Photographer Constantin Manos.

Satiate your book need

The tactile joy of holding and viewing a printed image surpasses the digital experience any day of the week. If you are a collector of photo books or photo prints, or simply appreciate them, you're in for a treat at this year's BSPF!

Join us at the 2024 edition of the Brussels Street Photography Festival for an exclusive photo book sale. Discover and purchase books published by our talented 2024 finalists, celebrating the art of street photography in its most tangible form.

Additionally, don't miss our print exchange initiative, a unique opportunity to connect with fellow photography enthusiasts and exchange prints. For more details on the print exchange, please contact @fabricis on Instagram.

Mark your calendars and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of printed photography at Reset Brussels!

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