Come see all entries at BSPF Preview

© Thomas Driesen

Come see all entries at BSPF Preview

The Brussels Street Photography Festival (BSPF) is back with its much-awaited preview exhibition! On the weekend of 12-14 May, Edmond Brussels will host the BSPF Preview, which promises to be a visual treat for all photography enthusiasts.

About the BSPF Preview

At its core, the BSPF is an open street photography competition that encourages and celebrates the art of candid photography. The preview exhibition is a showcase of all the photographs submitted to both the 2023 Singles and Series contest. The BSPF's goal is to give every entrant the opportunity to have their work displayed in front of a public audience.

The exhibition will feature a diverse range of street photographs, showcasing different perspectives, styles, and techniques. Each participant will have at least one photograph presented in print, while all other submitted images will be displayed by projection.

The BSPF Preview is a great opportunity to appreciate the beauty and diversity of street photography. The exhibition will provide visitors with a glimpse into the world of street photography and the different ways photographers capture the essence of everyday life. From candid moments to unusual perspectives, the photographs on display will showcase the creativity and skill of the photographers.

Moreover, the exhibition will also serve as a platform for photographers to gain recognition for their work. The BSPF is a prestigious competition, and having your work displayed in the preview exhibition is a great achievement. It offers photographers the chance to reach a wider audience, gain exposure and potentially even receive offers for future exhibitions or collaborations.

The BSPF Preview is not just a photography exhibition; it's an opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of street photography. So mark your calendars and make sure to visit Edmond Brussels between 12-14 May to witness this amazing event firsthand. You won't want to miss it!

Visit the BSPF Preview

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