And the finalists are...

© Bert De Busschere - 2023 Singles finalist

And the finalists are...

And the finalists are...

We are thrilled to announce the finalists of the 2023 Brussels Street Photography Festival competition. Our judging panel had a challenging task of selecting the best submissions from the incredible number of entries we received from all over the world.

The following photographers have been chosen as finalists for their outstanding work in capturing the essence of street life:

2023 BSPF Singles:
Jason Au, Akhil Babu, Maude Bardet, Michele Bartalini, Latife Baudet, Yannis Bautrait, Filipe Bianchi, Luning Cao, Chanathip Chayanggoon Na Ayudya, Hélène Cook, Bert De Busschere, Aristide Economopoulos, Massimiliano Faralli, Pamela Fricke, Andrei Dorian Gavrila, Dennis Gloth, Armin Graca, Sonia Granata, Dewang Gupta, Thomas Hackenberg, Chris Harrison, Brad Jones, Donna Keough, Chloe Kerleroux, Paul Kessel, Chan-yang Kim, Olesia Kim, Kristian Leven, Szymon Lewinski, Mariëtte Lock, Anna Lohmann, Maria Luisa Malheiro Rodrigues, Maxim Marienko, Kantay New, Andreas Ott, Luca Paccusse, Arez Prod, Vincenzo Rapanà, Juan Rodríguez Morales, Kevin Scarlett, Sakulchai Sikitikul, Devesh Singh, Rusy Singh, Saksham Srivastava, Max Sturgeon, Jasper Tejano, Serkan Tekin, Antonio Trogu, Rose Vandepitte, Jan Vanhulle, Ashok Verma, Forrest Walker, Mike T. Walker, Patrick Zélis and Mark Zilberman.

2023 BSPF Series:
Piti Amraranga, Jason Au, Maude Bardet, Hyun De Grande, Jeremy de Salle, Marc Erpelding, Argus Paul Estabrook, Andrew Glickman, Jonathan Jasberg, Md Enamul Kabir, Chan-yang Kim, Gavin Libotte, Merlin Meuris, Tavepong Pratoomwong, Kevin Scarlett, Ashok Verma and Forrest Walker

We congratulate these talented photographers and look forward to showcasing their works at the upcoming exhibition. Their photographs captured the beauty, humor, and moments of everyday life that make street photography such a powerful and beloved art form.

Thank you to all the photographers who submitted their work and made this festival possible. We hope to see you all at the exhibition to celebrate the finalists and the art of street photography.

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