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Want to discover Brussels with a camera in your hands? The photomarathon is the best way to do that! The idea is simple: we drop a theme on our social media and in our newsletter at midnight at the start of the 28th of April. That day, you have the whole day to take pictures in Brussels and send them to us!

More about the Photomarathon


The Photomarathon is our free 24-hour competition that focuses on life in the city of Brussels and the Brussels Capital Region. This year the contest takes place on Sunday, April 28. During these 24 hours you take photos in the Brussels Capital Region around a specific theme and share them on your Instagram account with the hashtag #BSPFphotomarathon and tag @bspfestival. If you are 27 years old or younger, you also use the hashtag #under27.

The photos should represent the true essence of the city and highlight why Brussels is a place worth visiting and discovering. The theme of the contest will be shared on Saturday, April 27 around 11:30 pm through social media and our newsletter.

Only pictures around this theme uploaded to Instagram with the correct hashtag during April 28 will be considered. If you don't have an instagram account, you can send it to

Please read the terms & conditions carefully before your participation. It contains all the general guidelines as well as the specific procedures of the contest.

Want to find all the specific information about the photomarathon quickly in our terms & conditions? Flip open the competition articles, use Ctrl+F (windows) or Command+F (mac) and type in "Photomarathon". But don't forget to read all rules to make sure your pictures meet our criteria.


First prize

The winner's photo will be distributed as a postcard during the festival.



You can upload as many pictures as you want for this contest.


April 28, 2024


Finalists jury

Names will soon be revealed.

Winners jury

Names will soon be revealed.


BSPF team

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