Open call

Every year the Brussels Street Photography Festival gives both established and emerging street photographers from all over the world the opportunity to be exhibited in Brussels. Photographers can participate in the competition with individual photos and/or photo series. In addition to this exhibition opportunity, there are also cash prizes, interviews and a spot on the jury of BSPF '24 to be won. 

The best contemporary street photographs are selected by an internationally acclaimed jury. During the first round, all entries are judged blind and the finalists are selected. All finalists win a spot in the exhibition and undergo a second round of judging during the festival in order to choose the winners in each category. 

Do you have photos that feature Brussels? If so, be sure to submit them for a chance not only to win a cash prize, but also to be included in the official Brussels photography archive. 

All proceeds of these open calls go to the organization of our festival.  By participating, you support the BSPF and help us keep all exhibitions and activities free of charge.

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