Our open call is live!

© Christophe Chailloux, First Place in the 2023 BSPF Photomarathon

Our open call is live!

We are open for submissions. Starting right now you can enter our competition to win a spot in our finalists exhibition, prize money and much more at the 2024 Brussels Street Photography Festival. Submissions will close after March 24, 2024 at midnight (Brussels time, of course). From May 30 to June 2, the festival will bring together photographers from all over the world to celebrate the art of capturing everyday life on the streets. We have two main competitions: Singles and Series. This means that you can enter single images as well as images intended to be viewed as a sequence. Another prize is given out to the best photograph depicting a scene in Brussels.

New rule for submissions

To ensure that we give you the best possible representation of contemporary street photography, starting this year you can only submit images taken in 2021 or later. That way we continue to challenge ourselves and the community!

Enter now!

Submitting your pictures for the 2024 is not free. This way we can make all things surrounding the festival free: the exhibitions, the lectures, photowalks and feedback sessions. So with submitting, you also help making Brussel Street Photography Festival better.

Go to our open calls page for all information.

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