Thomas Dworzak, Jérôme Sessini

5-day Magnum workshop

Check out the photos created by the participants during the workshop here.


Magnum photographers Thomas Dworzak and Jérôme Sessini will run separately a five intensive day workshop in the occasion of the BSPF.

During five extraordinary days, they will lead their groups through a daily program of shooting, reviews, group critiques, mentoring and editing. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from their peers and learn to develop their own visual language.

These two workshops will work hand in hand and will share some experiences and time together, so participants will benefit from a unique experience where they can learn from both Magnum photographers instead of only one.

Participants will work with their lead tutors to create an edit to be shown in the culminating workshop projection. The projection will take place on Sunday 8th in the evening (location and time TBD).

In addition to the workshop, Thomas Dworzak and Jérôme Sessini will give a public talk on Saturday October 7th and Sunday October 8th in occasion of the BSPF.

Learn more about Thomas Dworzak and Jérôme Sessini.

This workshop is made in collaboration with:

Thomas Dworzak

Reportage and Paraphernalia

Since I started out as a photographer I think and hope I have always been rather straight forward without excessively trying to have my own style. Giving the content, the story, the event the first place. Something I still try to adhere to.

But then, there have always been these paraphernalia, little trouvailles, elements that made the difference. The Taliban. The subtitles in M*A*S*H*, the newspapers in 56 minutes etc.

What I would like to do in the workshop is explore the possibilities to combine classic reportage storytelling with other visual elements.

We will be working on the photographer’s personal stories and find new ones in Brussels and try to explore different and new ways in story telling.

Jérôme Sessini

Jérôme Sessini’s workshop does not aim to provide answers to the eternal dilemma that accompanies the history of social photography, but rather to question the contradictory tension, which characterises documentary photography: by investigating the relationship between veracity and personal interpretation, participants will be guided through the search for a personal balance between form and content by means of experimenting different shooting methods and distances from the subject.


From Wednesday, October 4, 2017 until Sunday, October 8, 2017


Brussels city. Exact location to be defined.


Limited to 13 for each workshop

Conditions & Recommendations

Photographers that have successfully applied to participate in a Magnum workshop will be selected on the perceived benefit to their career and development. They should be able to show a good level of photographic aptitude and a desire to learn.

Photographers should prepare sufficient research relating to what they wish to shoot prior to arrival. A story list can be provided for inspiration. However, candidates are expected to formulate realistic projects in the geography and time supplied. The BSPF will provide a suitable classroom infrastructure and participants will be responsible for their own time management.

Due to the fast pace of the workshop, Magnum highly recommends that participants produce and edit their work digitally, using their own laptops. Individuals wishing to use film may do so, but at their own cost and during the time imposed. Lab services will be coordinated where required and where possible. Please specific in your application your preferred media.


To apply for one of the Magnum workshops you need to fill out the application form bellow and pay a 200 EUR fee that will be credited towards your full tuition if you are accepted to the workshop. If you are not accepted, your 200 EUR fee will be returned minus a 10 EUR processing charge.

This amount will be applied to your tuition fee invoice if you are accepted onto the workshop.

The fee will be fully refunded, minus processing fees, if you are NOT accepted into the workshop.

Application deadline

The deadline for acceptance is September 24th. All applications received after the deadline will be reviewed, space permitting. Successful applicants will be informed via email.

To bring

  • – A digital camera. In the case of wanting to use an analog camera please indicate in the form bellow.
  • – A laptop with software to edit/tone your images.
  • – A notebook to take down notes during the workshop (optional).
  • – Lots of energy and comfortable shoes!


This workshop will be conducted in English


Workshop application: 200 EUR, to be paid filling the form below. Please notice that this is not the cost of the workshop, and it is only the payment to apply for the workshop. Applicants will be informed on acceptance and will have to pay the full price of the tuition.

Full tuition: 1100 EUR, to be paid in full once accepted to the workshop. Please notice that the 200 EUR from the application will be deducted from the full tuition price.

Travel & Accommodation

Participants are expected to make their own arrangements regarding travel and accommodation. Check our Visit Brussels page for more information about the city. Please ensure you have the necessary travel documents & relevant visas in order to attend the event. The BSPF can provide letters of support where necessary.

Cancellations & Refunds

All fees must be paid within 7 days of acceptance or you will forfeit your space.

Refund policies will be emailed with acceptance letter.

If a participant decides to cancel for whatever reason, it must be confirmed in writing.

  • – The BSPF will reimburse all the registration costs except for €100 administrative fee, if the participant informs the BSPF of cancellation at least 3 weeks before the first day of the workshop. Beyond this time limit, the BSPF will charge the following:
  • – 50% of the cost if cancelled between 6 and 20 days before the workshop commences.
  • – 100% of the cost if cancelled less than 5 days before the workshop commences.

All workshops that are commenced but not completed through the fault of either the contractor/or participant need to be paid in full.

The BSPF is not responsible for reimbursement of travel expenses in case a workshop is cancelled. We recommend that you buy refundable air tickets and/or travel insurance.

The BSPF reserves the right to cancel groups with less than 8 participants. Students will be given either a full refund or offered a place with an alternative photographer. In the event of a cancellation, students will be given at least 10 days advance notice.


For any additional questions, inquiries or doubts use our contact form, or contact us at: