Women Street Photographers Photo Exhibition

Women Street Photographers Photo Exhibition

The Women Street Photographers traveling exhibition and the Instagram feed (@womenstreetphotographers), is a platform of well curated, quality street photography by women.

By focusing strictly on the work of women photographers, Women Street Photographers provide the extra exposure for female artists. Additionally, it is their goal to create visibility for dedicated women street photographers and to encourage other women to follow their passion.

This exhibition highlights 36 different pictures from different authors, and will be curated by Gulnara Samoilova.

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Anaïs Perry – Annick Vandorpe – Annu Esko – B Jane Levine – Cathy Le Scolan – Catherine Matthys – Christelle Enquist – Diana Maria, Dimpy Bhalotia – Dominique Misrahi – Elisa Mariotti – Francesca Chiacchio – Gloria Salgado Gispert – Heike Frielingsdorf – Inge Colijn – Jana Kupčáková – Jane Cave – Kristina Koroleva – Krystal Jones Campbell – Linda Hacker – Lou Gilbert – Maude Bardet – Melissa Breyer – Melissa O’Shaughnessy – Merja Varkemaa – Michal Hess Drees – Michelle Rick – Nina Welch Kling – Patricia Fogarty – Polly Rusyn – Rebecca Wiltshire – Regula Tschumi – Sandra Cattaneo Adorno – Simonetta Cavazza – Ximena Echague – Zohre Sabaghnejad


Where: Muntpunt // Place de la Monnaie 6, 1000, Brussels (The exhibition will be distributed between the 1st and 5th floor of the Library.)

When: From October 3 2019, until October 12, 2019.

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Cover photo by Annu Esko.


The Brussels Street Photography Festival is a project developed by Cakri, a cultural association based in Brussels, and curated by the Brussels Newsroom and WorldSP.co.

With the support of Faouzia Hariche, Youth Deputy Mayor of the City of Brussels.

Special thanks to all our partners who support the BSPF and make this possible: Centre Tour à Plomb, the city of Brussels, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Visit Brussels, Laboriver, Muntpunt, Maison des Cultures de Molenbeek, The Photo Academy, PhotoBrussels Festival, MAPS, DPI and Breedbeeld!

Thanks also to: StreetFoto San Francisco and London Street Photography Festival

Participation is free and open to all public.

October 1, 2019