Why Brussels? Brussels is considered the most cosmopolitan city in Europe. With its rather modest urban scale and strong local culture, Brussels is nevertheless one of the most geopolitically relevant cities worldwide: it is an autonomous region, the capital of Flanders, the capital of Belgium and the capital of the European Union, all at once!

Despite the historical efforts to define the image of Brussels around its “capital” labels, what even better defines Brussels identity is the multiple number of languages spoken on its streets, the gastronomic variety offered by its neighborhoods and its cultural and ethnical diversity.

The true image of Brussels is best represented by the richness of its urban landscape. However, beyond its picturesque palaces and the iconic skyline of office towers, the best portraits of Brussels are the ones captured in its streets, the common ground for different cultures, the space where citizens construct their daily lives.

For the Brussels Street Photography Festival (BSPF), Brussels is not only the perfect host city, but also the main source of inspiration. Being a local city with a global projection, Brussels does not express itself through a single recognizable image. To identify the image of a city with such a unique condition is an interesting challenge.

The main ambition of the BSPF is to go deeper into the research of those visual elements that define the contemporary identity of Brussels in two dimensions, from a local and a global perspective.

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