Made in Bruxsel by BSPF

The Brussels Street Photography Festival (BSPF) joins Made in Bruxsel for a unique contest experience to happen during the Made in Bruxsel festival.

Made in Bruxsel

The traveling festival « Made in Bruxsel » migrations that create the city, gathers researchers, civil society actors, artists and inhabitants of Brussels from January 2018 until May 2018. Throughout ten evenings that will take place in various Brussels cultural and artistic places, we will debate and celebrate diversity, and those migrations that contributed to the development of our global city today. Every evening will offer the opportunity to discover Brussels artists, researchers and to listen to multiple testimonials of generations of residents of Brussels who grew up in this urban diversity.



Made in Bruxsel by BSPF is a photography contest to highlight those specific and diverse urban spaces that better represent the Brussels’ unique cosmopolitan condition. The participation is free of charge.

The best pictures submitted will be printed and exhibited on different venues in the following months starting with the closing night “Nous, Bruxelles, la fête ! – Wij, Brussel, feest ! – We, Brussels, party!” of Made in Bruxsel in BOZAR on Friday, May 4, 2018 *.

There is also an Instagram category for this contest. The participation on the main contest does not block the participation on Instagram nor vice versa, hence, all participants can submit pictures to both categories.

*: Please notice that the event itself requires an entree fee of 4 EUR (or 30 EUR for all the Made in Bruxsel nights).


The theme of the contest is: Bruxsel Melting-Pot, the Brussels mixture.

Pictures submitted should represent the theme of the contest in order to be considered. The interpretation of the theme is subject to each participant and we encourage creativity in order to better depict the theme.

Participation & Guidelines

  • – The participation is open to all public and levels.
  • – The participation is for free.
  • – Each participant can send from one to three pictures.
  • – The person participating must have taken the pictures in the Brussels-Capital Region in order to be valid.
  • – The general approach of the pictures should be based on a Street Photography style, meaning preferably candid and in a public space.
  • – The theme of the contest is Bruxsel Melting-Pot, the Brussels mixture.
  • – For the Instagram category, pictures must be published on Instagram with any of the following tags: #PhotoMIB or #FotoMIB.

In order to participate in the Made in Bruxsel by BSPF contest (main category) you need to register with the form below.

Carefully read the terms and conditions before registering.


The participation is for free.

Picture submission

The submission of the pictures has to be made before Monday, April 2. In other words, is possible to participate until Sunday, April 1.

Pictures needs to be in jpg/jpeg format, minimum 3000px in its widest side and must contain the full unmodified EXIF information in order to be valid for the main contest. Finalists will be required a high resolution picture in due time.


Registration: From Friday, January 26 until Sunday, April 1

Exhibition: Friday, May 4 from 20:00, BOZAR, Brussels

Selection & Jury

The selection of the finalists and the winners will be selected by a carefully composed jury. The jury is chosen by the BSPF and Made in Bruxsel in conjunction.

The jury: Soraya Amrani, Ans BrysKurt DeruyterPatrice Leprince and Emily Smith.

The announcement of the winner will be on the exhibition itself. Attendance of the winner is not required to acquire the prize.


Winner: The Photo Academy Gift Card (Pack Course 280 EUR – 4 Workshops) + Interview for the BSPF.

Runner-up: To be announced

Public choice: To be announced

Instagram winner: Selected picture to be printed as a postcard and given to the visitors during the exhibition night.

Venue & exhibition

The exhibition opening will take place during the Made in Bruxsel closure night on Friday, May 4, from 20:00 onwards in BOZAR, Brussels.

Exhibited pictures will have the opportunity to be re-exhibited in other venues associated with Made in Bruxsel and the BSPF during the whole year. The pictures will also have the opportunity to be exhibited during the BSPF 2018.