Brussels in motion

The Brussels Street Photography Festival (BSPF) joins THE PHOTO ACADEMY (TPA) to celebrate the city of Brussels with a photography contest featuring pictures made in the city around a specific theme.

The Photo Academy

The adventure of THE PHOTO ACADEMY began back in 2008. Two photo enthusiasts met on a forum and wanted to share this precious art and craft, so they decided to promote photo classes. The project was built and launched in Paris and Brussels in 2011 with a little group of respected and committed photography teachers.

Seven years down the road, THE PHOTO ACADEMY classes are present in 44 cities, 11 countries and provided by a team of over 180 teaching photographers. Today, based out of Paris, Brussels and London, the two cofounders and the entire team ­continue to promote photography and develop THE PHOTO ACADEMY, with a magazine, new classes and activities. The latest being a platform for exclusive guided photography tours all around the world.



Brussels in motion is a photography contest to highlight those dynamic elements that better represent the unique cosmopolitan condition of Brussels as a city.

The best pictures submitted will be printed and exhibited for a special occasion in the spaces of THE PHOTO ACADEMY in Brussels. The exhibition will start on Saturday, September 15, 2018 and will run for a full month. The exhibition then will be up during the same time frame of the third edition of the Brussels Street Photography Festival.

The participation in this contest does not block or intercede with the participation in the BSPF contests or vice versa, hence, all participants can submit pictures to all contests.


The theme of the contest is: Brussels in motion.

Pictures submitted should represent the theme of the contest in order to be considered. The interpretation of the theme is subject to each participant and we encourage creativity in order to better depict the theme.

Participation & Guidelines

  • – The participation is open to all public and levels.
  • – The participation to this contest requires a fee.
  • – Each participant can send from one to ten pictures.
  • – The participation must be made using the form below.
  • – The person participating must have taken the pictures in the Brussels-Capital Region in order to be valid.
  • – The general approach of the pictures should be based on a Street Photography style, meaning preferably candid and in a public space.
  • – The theme of the contest is Brussels in motion.

Carefully read the terms and conditions before registering.


5 EUR per picture submitted.

Picture submission

Participants can submit from one to ten pictures.

Deadline: Wednesday, August 15, 2018.

In other words, the submission of the pictures has to be made before Thursday, August 16.

Pictures needs to be in jpg/jpeg format, minimum 3000px in its widest side and must contain the full unmodified EXIF information in order to be valid for the main contest. Finalists will be required a high resolution picture in due time. Please check your spam folder for notifications.


Registration: From Friday, June 15 until Wednesday, August 15

Exhibition: From Saturday, September 15 until Sunday, October 14, 2018, THE PHOTO ACADEMY (Rue Notre-Seigneur 11, 1000 Bruxelles), Brussels

Selection & Jury

The selection of the finalists and the winners will be selected by a carefully composed jury. The jury is chosen by the BSPF and THE PHOTO ACADEMY in conjunction.

The jury: Delphine DumontClément Huylenbroeck, Pierre Liebaert, Merlin Meuris and Michela Nunes

The announcement of the winner will be on the exhibition itself. Attendance of the winner is not required to win the prize.


All prizes for this contest will be provided and given by THE PHOTO ACADEMY unless stated.

First prize: 4 hours of initiation to studio photography (value of 145 EUR) + 2 hours of studio usage (value of 70 EUR) in the premises of THE PHOTO ACADEMY, Brussels + Interview for the BSPF

Second prize: 5 hours of Lightroom course for beginner or intermediate level (value of 180 EUR)

Third prize: gift-card for a photography course (value of 80 EUR)

Public prize: 2 hours of studio usage (value of 70 EUR) in the premises of THE PHOTO ACADEMY, Brussels

Venue & exhibition

The exhibition opening will take place in THE PHOTO ACADEMY, Rue Notre-Seigneur 11, 1000, Brussels on Saturday, September 15, 2018 from 20:00.

The duration of the exhibition will be for a month until Sunday, October 14, 2018 and will be in the same time frame as the third edition Brussels Street Photography Festival (5-7 October).

Exhibited pictures will have the opportunity to be re-exhibited in other venues throughout the year, future exhibitions organized by THE PHOTO ACADEMY and in future editions of the BSPF.