The Brussels Street Photography Festival (BSPF) is a cultural project whose objective is to promote street photography as an urban research tool, a form of cultural communication and a visual art. The main ambition of the BSPF is to delve deeper into those visual elements that define the contemporary identity of Brussels in two dimensions, from a local and a global perspective.

Street photography’s popularity is constantly growing, gaining more enthusiasts and forming stronger communities around the world. The BSPF aims to bring together the views of both established and emerging street photographers by offering a larger exposure to the general public, creating awareness and engaging new enthusiasts.

Bring people together

The BSPF is a project by Cakri, a cultural association based in Brussels whose objective is to enrich the urban landscape with cultural projects. The BSPF is curated by the Brussels Newsroom, an urban research platform focusing on Brussels’ daily life, and the people of, the popular tumblr-based street photography site that has promoted and connected a wide range of street photographers from around the world, featuring monthly interviews, organizing theme weeks / months and carefully curating and regularly promoting the finest content on tumblr related to street photography.

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For more information you can contact us through our contact page.